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Crisp and refreshing with notes of rose petal, strawberry and stone fruit. A rich, fruit forward sweetness from grapefruit and peach.
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Ever hear about the rose that grew in the concrete Jungle?

Beneath palm trees and birds of paradise–

Baldwin Hills is thought to be paradise, but Baldwin Village feels like home.

Somewhere south of affluence, and central to altruism.

You’ll hear folks say,

“We all we got,” “We got each other,” “We got you.”

Where a neighbor is always nearby and a friend is only a shout away.

Where apartment living isn’t always luxurious, but its lessons last a lifetime.

And its stories never leave you– even if you leave it behind.

Should you ever want to return, best believe that rose is still there.

Still growing, amidst “redevelopment” that starts at the beach and creeps further east.

Still fighting for its petals to stay the same bold shade.

Things down Nicolet Ave. don’t change much.

Because a rose like that? It never withers.


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